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OC & Associates Cloud Systesms
By utilizing cloud–based technology, we are constantly seeking ways to make our operations more efficient and transparent. OC & Associates has developed five proprietary cloud–based systems ("WebManager"series) to provide clients with tools to make their tasks a little easier as well as maximize efficiency in our services. All systems were developed with a focus on being simple and easy to use. The systems are encrypted with 128–bit SSL technology and are offered in both English and Japanese. You can choose your access method (using company and user IDs or email addresses with passwords) and your device (PC, tablets, smartphones). For the first five systems, if you are engaged with the related services, although set up fees may apply, the use of these systems are free of charge.

1. Accounting System ("WebAccountingManager")

This GL system went online in January 2006, and serves as the primary tool for our clients to access and drill down to access vital accounting information. The system (f.k.a. CONTADor) has interfaces with over a dozen accounting and ERP systems (e.g. Oracle, Navision, SAP), making it easy to upload information at the trial balance level as well as the individual journal entry level.

2. Expense Reporting System ("WebExpenseManager")

Each employee will submit expense report reimbursements through their portal. Receipts can be uploaded with photos taken from smartphones. Emails will automatically be sent to their supervisors for approval. Using the link in the email, employees can readily access the portal without inputting any IDs or passwords. Reviewing expense reports can be done with a click of a button. The administrator and/or supervisors can always access each employee's historical expenses for up to one year.

3. Attendance Management System ("WebAttendanceManager")

At the end of each day, the employee will access their portal, confirm/change the time he/she came into the office as well as the time he/she left the office and then press the submit button. Such times will be logged into a system so you have an attendance log to be in compliance with Japanese Labor Laws. Email notices will be sent to supervisors if the number of overtime hours exceeds the preset hours.

4. Vacation Days Tracking System ("WebVacationManager")

A vacation days tracking module can be added to WebAttendanceManager. Each employee will request vacation time through their portal. Emails will automatically be sent to their supervisors for approval, which can be easily authorized by a click on the email response. The administrator and/or supervisors can always access employee's vacation days movement and balance. Vacation days will be provided in accordance with the minimum standards set by the Japanese labor laws.

5. HR Data Management System ("WebHRManager")

In the first phase of this system, we have created EPS ("Employee Profile System") as a means to collect employee information online. This includes the collection and management of MyNumber. New employees are also provided guidance on dependency information, as well as guidance on other frequently asked questions. HR administrators can review, approve changes before they are submitted to us for processing.

6. Time Management System ("WebTimeManager")

Being used internally by our professionals since April 2001, this system has gradually evolved to provide OCA management with various information. Various alerts have been embedded into the system so management can take a passive stance on certain operations. Management constantly monitors the performance of each professional and by client to ensure that engagements are being carried out efficiently and with little idle time.
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