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OC & Associates Tax / HR Calendar
This is the annual tax / HR calendar for 2017 for calendar year corporations. The dates below represent deadlines for paying and filing various taxes and returns. Please make certain you have sufficient time to make the filing - there could be penalties for late filings and payments.
[Green print denotes national holidays.]
Dec.23Emperor's Birthday
27Last business day for the national and local tax offices
29Last business day of the year for OC & Associates
Jan.1New Year's Day
4First business day of the year for OC & Associates
9Coming-of-Age Day
10December 2016 withholding income taxes due
20July-December 2015 withholding income taxes due
31Annual payroll return due
Annual withholding statement and vendor statements due
Depreciable assets return due
Feb.10January withholding income taxes due
11Commemoration of the Founding of the Nation
28Annual consumption tax return due
Annual consumption tax payment due
Final estimated income tax payment due
Corporate income tax returns due (w/o extensions)
Local income tax returns due (w/o extensions)
Mar.10February withholding income taxes due
15Individual income tax returns due
20Vernal Equinox Day
31Corporate income tax returns due with extensions
Local income tax returns due with extensions
Statement on share-based compensation provided by overseas parents or head offices due
Apr.10March withholding income taxes due
29Showa Day
May.3Constitution Day
4Greenery Day
5Children's Day
10April withholding income taxes due
Jun.11May withholding income taxes due
Jul.10June withholding income taxes due
January through June withholding income tax payment (w/ special application)
Annual health insurance and pension return due
Annual labor insurance return due
17Marine Day
Aug.10July withholding income taxes due
11Mountain Day
31Interim corporate income tax return due
Interim local income tax returns due
Sep.11August withholding income taxes due
18Respect for the Aged Day
23Autumnal Equinox Day
Oct.9Sports Day
10September withholding income taxes due
Nov.3Culture Day
10October withholding income taxes due
23Labor-Thanksgiving Day
Dec.11November withholding income taxes due
23Emperor's Birthday
28Last business day for the national and local tax offices
 Last business day of the year for OC & Associates
Jan.4First business day of the year for OC & Associates
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