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"Left untended, knowledge and skill, like all assets, depreciate in value–surprisingly quickly. " by David Maister, Business Author and Consultant
The firm employs numerous qualified and experienced professionals, including CPA·s from the US and Japan, Japanese Certified Public Tax Accountants, Certified Internal Auditors, Social Insurance and Labor Specialists and CISA·s. We constantly motivate and train our professionals to escalate their technical and English communication skills. The median TOEIC score of our professionals is above 900, which is in the top 4% percentile of all individuals sitting for this test of English skills exam.
Certifications Number of Professionals*
(multiple possible)
Certified Public Accountants (U.S., Japan & Australia) 18**
Certified Public Tax Accountants (Japan) 6
Certified Internal Auditors 3
Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultants 2
Certified Information System Auditors 1
* –As of October 1, 2016
**–Includes professionals who only passed all parts of the U.S. CPA exam.
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