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Staffing Service

OC & Associates specializes in staffing services in the accounting profession

For a foreign company, it can be intimidating challenge to find bilingual accounting professionals in Japan. Not only are bilingual accountants few and far between but it can also be difficult to determine that the expertise and training of applicants are up to date with the required standards. We have a wide range of professionals including those capable of working with SAP and other popular ERP systems.
OC & Associates can help you here, whether you need temporary or permanent personnel with accounting and/or bookkeeping expertise that is up to date with the latest changes of accounting and tax rules and Japanese Company Law, which governs financial reports.
It is safe to say that by using our staffing service you can reduce the time to identify someone and, more importantly, minimize the risk of hiring the wrong individual.
We can also act quickly in case of a sudden departure of an employee or new assignment requiring additional accounting / bookkeeping staff, or SAP support be it for several months or for only a week.

Finding temporary employees
- Temporary Employment (Permit No. : Ha13-01-1220)

We have dozens of experienced professionals in the fields of accounting, internal audit, and human resources to fill in the necessary gap for your company.
And, unlike consultants, we offer direct hands on support to satisfy your company's needs both in acquiring qualified temporary employees either once or on continuous basis for your projects.
Many of our professionals have assisted companies in various situations relating to Human Resources, such as...
- when there is a sudden departure of an employee.
- in order to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 requirements
- when the company is going through a major systems implementation or due diligence.
Feel free to contact OC & Associates when you consider hiring temps to tie you over until you find the appropriate person. We'll be happy to show how easy, responsive and effective our staffing services can be for our clients.

Finding permanent team members
- Permanent Employment (Permit No. : 13-yu-300613)

We are one of the few firms in Japan specializing solely in the placement of bilingual accountants into companies. Because of our specialized knowledge in accounting, we are both familiar and attentive to client requirements and wishes of foreign companies in Japan.
We have a wide selection of experienced candidates in our database and can react quickly when you need an additional permanent member for your company. Our candidates have a wide range in experience and training, coming from a variety of industries so it is always worth your while to check with OC & Associates for your recruitment needs.
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