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Social Insurance and Labor Insurance Services for Foreign Companies, OC & Associates HR Co.
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OC & Associates HR Co. is a regulated professional services firm incorporated specifically to provide social insurance services. These are some of the services provided:
Company registration for social insurance (health and pension) and labor insurance plans
Filings for new hires, employee departures and change of names and addresses
Statutory report filings to the social insurance agencies
Applying for child-care and nursing care benefits, accident and sickness and/or maternity leave benefits
Declaration of workers' compensation premiums and unemployment insurance premiums
- Consulting on Social Security Totalization Agreement and Labor Law issues
Consulting and preparation of employee Work-rules, and "36" Overtime Labor agreement
Social insurance consulting for non–Japanese and Japanese expatriates
Representing the client on Labor Standards Bureau and Pension Office examinations
Company Profile, OC & Associates HR Co.
Firm name : OC & Associates HR Co.
Date of incorporation : June 21, 2017
Address : Kioicho Building 17F
3–12, Kioicho, Chiyoda–ku, Tokyo, 102–0094
TEL : +81–3–5276–0906
FAX : +81–3–5276–0950
Representative : Hiroko Hanato (CSILC #13170260)
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