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OC & Associates Professional Services
"Truth never damages a cause that is just. " by Mahatma Gandhi
We offer a broad range of services for multi–national companies in Japan. Accounting and payroll outsourcing is one of our most popular services, but we can also customize our services to fit your particular needs. Our primary service lines are listed below:
OC & Associates, Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing OC & Associates Internal Audit Support
OC & Associates Financial Audits OC & Associates Taxes and Consumption Tax Review Services
OC & Associates Shared Service OC & Associates Staffing Service
OC & Associates Forensic Accounting OC & Associates Social Insurance
OC & Associates Investor Relations Support OC & Associates Consulting
OC & Associates Tax Representative Agent Services and Expatriate Payroll OC & Associates Nominal Representative Director

Quality Services

We believe the following three traits are essential for an accounting firm to consistently provide quality services.


Time is money. Providing a timely response in this fast changing environment is important. We understand that a deadline missed in
Tokyo may result in serious consequences at the parent.


Eliminate waste – focus our services. We encourage our people to seek to undestand client needs and constantly search for redundancies. Technology is employed where possible. Through daily monitoring of our professional's workload from our proprietary
cloud–based time management system, we are able to efficiently allocate resources with minimal idle time.


Quality Control. We adopt engagement teams for each client and create controls so reports are reviewed before they are released to the client.
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