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The scope of our professional expertise in all matters expanding from accounting into taxation is a crucial link necessary to best serve our clients since the complex Japanese taxation system relies heavily on how the accounting records are maintained.
In Japan, there are numerous returns which require filing and it is easy to misfile or miss filing altogether on some of the more obscure ones. Knowing how to file your corporate taxes can make a considerable difference in how much you pay.
Equally, whether a foreign enterprise is operating in Japan classified as a domestic or foreign corporation, makes a difference in filing your returns.
We render the following professional services to foreign entities in Japan:
Preparing various Japanese tax returns such as,
- Corporate Income Tax
- Enterprise and Inhabitant Tax
- Depreciable Assets (Property) Tax
- Business Location Tax
- Factor Based Tax
- Notification for Ultimate Parent Entity
- Country-by-Country Report (CbC Report)
Correspondence with their foreign shareholders and/or head offices
Representation in tax audits
Prefectural inhabitant per capita tax amount in turn varies based on the total of paid-in capital, capital and number of employees of the corporation.
Company Profile, OC & Associates Tax Co.
Firm name : OC & Associates Tax Co.
Date of establishment : June 21, 2016
Address : Kioicho Building 17F
3-12, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0094
TEL : +81-3-5276-0910
FAX : +81-3-5276-0950
Founding partners : Hiroko Hanato (CPTA #80982)
Michiya Akuzawa (CPTA #112272)
Other licensed professionals : 5 CPTAs
Founding Partners, OC & Associates Tax Co.
Founding Partners Plofiles, OC & Associates Tax Co.
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