Accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations (hereafter “AROs”) has been ....

Japanese Taxes

As of the date of this newsletter, Parliament has not yet ratified ...
Corporate Taxes
1. Depreciation
2. Carry-forward of taxable losses

Consumption Taxes
1. Conditions to be exempt enterprises
2. Credit for taxable purchases

Individual Income Taxes
1. Employment Income Deduction
2.Severance Pay
3.Dependency Deduction


Effective March 2011, the health insurance rates have changed as follows ...

Care Insurance
No change from 1% ...
Compensation during Rolling Blackouts
If employers paid employees who are ordered not to go to work ...

Preparing for the Worst

1.Data Backup
In the event of a natural disaster or rolling blackouts, it is critical to ...
2. Disaster Prevention Links
The Japan Tohoku earthquake was followed by many aftershocks ...

OMC (Office Manager Club)

Hiroko Hanato, partner, launched an information site for office managers at foreign companies ...

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