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OC & Associatesは日本赤十字社より銀色有功賞を受賞しました。
日本赤十字社 銀色有功賞
I really enjoy working with the tax professionals at OC & Associates, they are very responsive and understanding.
Steve Hui, Tax Director
Synaptics Inc.
OC & Associates has been a terrific consultant for our company. Their professionalism and ability to solve problems proved second to none and we are delighted to know they have our back whenever we need their services.
Kevin Thang, Representative Director & President
Kennedy Wilson Japan Co., Ltd.
OC & Associates helped us in multiple ways to set up a local office in Japan guiding us through the legal, tax, and accounting requirements in a very professional manner. The same holds true for supporting us in the daily operations in the financial realm making sure all the numbers were correct and all necessary filings of documents were done complete and in time as well as proactively making us aware of any changes in rules and regulations which had to be observed by a legal entity in Japan with foreign ownership. After the decision was made to dissolve the legal entity OC & Associates in close cooperation with our legal representatives quickly set up a schedule of all steps required and brought this to an efficient and successful close bringing our business relationship to an end... for now. If for any reason we would engage in business in Japan again I would approach OC & Associates for support.
Michael Silbermann, CFO
Avira Operations GmbH
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