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Internal Audit Support
We are here to support your internal controls with internal auditing services that have a global approach. The need for corporations to monitor, detect and prevent suspicious activities is perhaps greater now than ever before. Strong internal controls are necessary to minimize fraudulent activity. Our team of CPA·s, CIA·s (Certified Internal Auditor), and CISA·s (Certified Information Systems Auditor) can help you establish and maintain these necessary controls. We also have internal audit support experience in the highly regulated financial and insurance industry.


Outsourcing / Co-Sourcing

Through periodic visits to your company or subsidiary, we will evaluate your internal control procedures and confirm compliance with internal control policies. In addition to providing recommendations to your existing system, we will act as managements' eyes and ears, and aggressively seek and investigate signs of non–compliance and fraud. The announcement itself of a third–party internal auditor will contribute to deterring fraud. The retention of an independent third–party internal auditor will also demonstrate management's commitment to corporate governance.



In order to establish effective internal controls, it is necessary to fully understand the current system through interviews with all levels of people. We use a disciplined and systematic approach to help design a system which would be effective in creating an environment to minimize the risk of fraud and defalcations.


Assistance of Internal Auditors From Abroad

When internal auditors from abroad arrive, in addition to the language barrier many are unaware of local regurations and practices. Our seasoned professionals of CIA's, CISA's can provide that vital link, especially as they relate to Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) Section 404 and J–SOX.
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