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OC & Associates represents two global firms in Japan and also has working relationship with a local leagal firm.

Accounting and Auditing

Kreston International

Kreston International is a global network of independent accounting firms with the reputation for providing trusted compliance and advisory services to entrepreneurial businesses in the SME and mid-market sectors.
Kreston Japan consists of two audit firms and an accounting firm in Japan. The audit firms are:
 Yaesu Audit Company
 Ark Meiji Audit & Co.


RGL Forensics

RGL Forensics is a global forensic accounting and consulting firm delivering accurate and reliable financial analysis for clients in the insurance, legal and corporate sectors. RGL's investigative accounting and financial consulting services deliver clarity in the simplest to the most complex of situations. RGL Forensics is completely focused on financial forensics, providing clients with independent and objective investigations. The firm has offices across five continents, all working toward one goal: to provide complete, accurate financial analysis.


Tokyo Roppongi Law and Patent Offices

A law firm established in 2002 by three partners from Blakemore & Mitsuki, specializing in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, intellectual property and labor matters.

Labor Consultant

Masanori Nakajima
Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant (CSILC)

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